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Oh SNAP I have a cookie!

2016-03-05 20:31:37 by DjSkyFall

Just put out my returning tack i hope you guys enhoy it! I've been away for awhile due to personal issues allong with my inabillity to get shit done right. However i have prevailed and now here i stand before you! pretty much the same... But atleast i got a new track, and allot more on the way! Now who wants some brownies?!

This message is brought to you by the Association of LazyFucks.

I'm not dead!

2015-07-28 13:49:17 by DjSkyFall

First song posted in a while, and i hope i can keep posting more! 

I'm Back

2014-08-08 20:55:06 by DjSkyFall

SO after a lot of shit i am finally back, posted a song i didn't get to post and out of my musical block!

Working on some new stuff!

2014-05-13 20:51:24 by DjSkyFall

yep like the title says im working on some more tacks, just posting because i havent for a whole month

I'm Still Active

2014-04-11 20:03:40 by DjSkyFall

Ehm.. well its been awhile but im still active making music, so if you like my stuff there will be more coming soon, ty for the support!

Back To Electronic!

2013-11-16 23:32:36 by DjSkyFall

hey guys im back making electronic music but i will still try and roll out some cinematic every-so but if you really like them leave a comment or something, i just uploaded my latest sip of music while i work on other projects, here it is enjoy!

Chillax tracks are out!

2013-09-15 17:14:45 by DjSkyFall

Hey guys i had mentioned earlier how i was working on 3 chill tracks well today i released them so go check them out! also big thanks to Hhoulding and to My entire group for supporting me in my hard times, its been a real trip but i'm still here thanks to every one and i will continue to make music and i hope you guys enjoy it, i get better as i continue and i hope you guys see that. Plus i'm doing allot more now! I hope you continue to support me

The new super chillax tracks

2013-09-09 21:14:20 by DjSkyFall

hey guys i've been working on a lot of chill tracks for a small project idea i have, so i will be releasing a couple of relaxing tracks in 3 parts so i hope you enjoy them! it's also the reason i haven't posted tracks lately

New Logo.. and other stuff!

2013-08-14 15:58:06 by DjSkyFall

So i pulled out 2 versions of a song, one original from me and the other version with the help of siegwin, they are awesome so if you like me.. go check them out! i also received a new logo from my old -DjSKyFall- Logo, a big thanks to aphyrmehrius for making the logos for the group! check out his page for music and other stuff! also big thanks to the new members of GDB heather houlding and sonik aka Reikaiser go check out their stuff too!

Brand new Collab!

2013-07-22 00:57:02 by DjSkyFall

Hey guys, come check out the brand new collab, it was allot of work, i enjoyed working on it, and i hope you enjoy it!... i really wanted to make a old style of trance and it worked awesomely specially with the help of heather and reikaiser... it came out to be an awesome song